Change of scenery

I am not sure if it is healthy for a person who scores 90% introverted to focus more inward but apparently it is happening regardless. As of late I have become quite disinterested in continuing with the theme of this

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Freedom and Wealth

There are many misconceptions concerning what constitutes wealth. Since time immemorial one has been considered wealthy based upon material factors. How much gold does he possess? Or silver? Or how much do his possessions amount to? Or what is his

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Solidarity with Syria

One of the most important ongoing conflicts in the world today is occurring in the nation of Syria. Since the conflict began I have strongly been in favor of Bashar al-Assad. Now, do not take me a fool by assuming

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Adventures in Schadenfreude

Political correctness often annoys and angers us in our daily lives. We always have to monitor our speech and actions at all times so as to not offend the permanently offended. Speech regulations are not enough; instead we have groups

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Method of the True Dominators of History vs. Progressivism

We already know what the true foundation of progressivism is: the mirage of technological civilization, the lure exercised by some undeniable material and industrial progress that, however, is appreciated without paying much attention to its negative drawbacks, which often affect

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Modern family values

Ah, family, there is nothing quite like it. But in our modern world to say most families, and their values, have gone down the toilet is an understatement. With pressure from outside groups trying to get 12 year old girls

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What does it mean?

Are you tired of morons identifying themselves as “free thinkers” yet are the most conformist of all? How about “skeptics” who only happen to be ‘skeptical’ of Western traditions and Christianity? Maybe those with an “open mind” which shun, shame,

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American Separation of Church and State

Too often we hear the ridiculous claims by Liberals that they know what Thomas Jefferson truly meant by “wall of separation between church and state”. They have used it to their advantage since those making argument against their claims have

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Poll of Readers

I have found it interesting that most of my regular readers come from largely Protestant countries. There are only two countries with a large regular readership that also have large Catholic populations, United States and Brazil. The others are almost

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H. L. Mencken on Catholicism and Liberal Protestantism

H. L. Mencken was one of the greatest journalists and satirists. He held everyone to account and was unafraid to challenge any idea. Mencken was the true American aristocrat for he refused to bow to the pressures of the crowds,

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