Residents of states petition to secede from Union

On Nov. 6, Americans voted to return Barack Obama to the White House; then on Nov. 7, some folks in Louisiana petitioned the White House to peaceably withdraw their state from the Union.


According to the White House website, the petition was created by Michael E. (full last name not provided) of Slidell, La., the day after the election and has since been electronically signed by a few hundred people, most – but not all – of whom hail from the Pelican State.

“We petition the Obama administration to: Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government,” the petition reads.


The petition has until Dec. 7 of this year to gather 25,000 signatures, at which time, the White House pledges, it will be placed on a queue for response from the administration.

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I have just signed the petition and am glad to have done so. I encourage everyone to please visit THIS SITE to sign the petition. You do not need to be a resident of the state of Louisiana to sign it. Already the petition has nearly 4,000 signatures and is growing rapidly. At 12pm EST it was at 2,700. So it is growing rapidly. Please be sure to sign it if you believe in the secession of Southern states from this ungodly union.

It appears as though a petition to allow the secession of the state of Texas is now included. Please sign THAT PETITION as well to help bring the topic to national discussion.

Florida has also joined in the secession petitioning. Please sign THIS PETITION as well.

Here is a list of the other states with secession petitions:






North Carolina


South Carolina

New Jersey




North Dakota

New York







South Dakota



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17 comments on “Residents of states petition to secede from Union
  1. Carnivore says:

    That won’t work for bankrupt Illinois. State legislature is counting on Washington/Obama to bail us out.

  2. Prinz Eugen says:

    I think at best we ought to hope for something like the break up of the USSR, which was remarkably peaceful compared to that government’s usual behavior. Still I can not believe the cabal that actually controls Obama would ever allow this.

  3. James Troxler says:

    We have no time to waste, the old south must get this done ASAP. We can do this peacefully with enough voices. Get off your duffs and get it done, sign, sign, sign, sign!

  4. chesterpoe says:

    I have told my mother and people I know. She has also spread the word. Hopefully we can be successful by making Obama address these petitions.

  5. Beatrice Calvaquinas says:

    Signed and sealed. Thanks for providing the links. We live in sad times but this is where we can prove our mettle. This is where true saints, martyrs, and heroes are made.

  6. chesterpoe says:

    Glad to see you have signed the petition(s). We do live in trying times but I have confidence in our resolve.

  7. caseydeann says:

    How can Texas not be on there . . . ?

  8. caseydeann says:

    Shoot, Texas was the very state after Louisiana. How could you leave us out?

  9. chesterpoe says:

    I did not leave the state of Texas out. “It appears as though a petition to allow the secession of the state of Texas is now included. Please sign THAT PETITION as well to help bring the topic to national discussion.” << That paragraph can be found between the one on Louisiana and the one on Florida.

  10. caseydeann says:

    Oh, I admit I overlooked the last few sentences once I saw the list! My apologies.

  11. Prinz Eugen says:

    Do you guys think its a good idea to give this government your name and location?

  12. chesterpoe says:

    I did not give my address, only my name. It does not really matter anyway. They probably know about me already.

  13. Bryan says:

    Signing this petition was the best feeling in the world…..time to make it happen!

  14. Mark says:

    Correction: Bankrupt Illinois is waiting on Texas and Florida to bail you out.

  15. Robert A. Stambovsky says:

    Dear President (to be elected) Perry, I served 39 years in the United States Marines, and now want to serve as the Texas Secretary of the Navy.
    Robert Stambovsky
    “Remember the Alamo”

  16. chesterpoe says:

    If Texas were to secede I hope you guys would do better than keep Perry as your leader. There are surely more deserving Texans of such a position.

  17. Ron Holland says:

    Secession petitions are good PR but bad politics. There is a way for states to legally and politically secede from the American union but it must be a state-by-state process established by constitutional secession conventions in each state. Read:

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